Where do your green beans come from?

We source our beans through the Pacific Blue Coffee, Olam and Vournas Trading and we order on a weekly basis. Beans are chosen for their flavor and profile first, and price secondly. Coffee is a commodity and we take great care to make sure that we shop for the best quality with an eye on pricing to keep pricing in line for our customers.

What Countries are represented?

Peru, Guatemala, Mexico, Hawaii (Kona), Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya and Sumatra. With over 300 coffee beans to choose from, we do the hard work of profiling so that you get the very best.

What is the shelf life of coffee?

Green coffee is good for 2 years. Roasted coffee is considered fresh for 30 days. Ground Coffee starts losing flavor within 2 hours. It is preferable to grind your coffee just before you brew it whenever possible.

Just how good is Coffee Concentrate?

We do not add preservatives which generally ruins the flavor of other concentrates. While this does affect the shelf life you will be pleasantly surprised with the quality of our concentrate. Is it the same as fresh brewed? You be the judge - just ask us for a sample.

What is the difference between cold brew and the way we concentrate?

With our proprietary process we can provide our customers with safe high quality concentrate with all of the flavor that you would expect from a traditional brew. Once the coffee is extracted we quick chill the concentrate locking in the flavor with virtually no bacteria count. Both our Premium Espresso and Nitro Cold Coffee Concentrates are stored refrigerated and shipped at temperature.

Ratios can be adjusted as needed for flavor. We recommend starting at 1:8
(1 part coffee: 8 parts water)

What is Gourmet Powder?

We create three products in powder form (often referred to as solubles). Hot Cocoa, Creamer Milk Topping and French Vanilla Cappuccino under the brand Powder Mountain. Our customers use these powders in Bean to Cup machines such as de Jong DUKE, Cafection, WMF, HLF and VKI and other grind on demand coffee/espresso machines.