Cupping Notes & Descriptions


Peru Organic (recommended roast - Light/Medium) Grown by a cooperative founded in 2000. This coffee is grown in the Northern Highlands of Peru. These farmers are dedicated to improving their coffee processes as an investment for the quality of life for their families. Our Peruvian coffee imparts a radiant first impression which expands to a sweet, earth finish.

Guatemala (recommended roast - Medium) Grown in the Cuchumatanes Mountains in Northwest Guatemala. Coffee from this region is known for its full flavor and excellent consistency. Bright and open on the palate, a sip of this coffee transports you to the sunshine of Guatemala. 

Kona Blend (recommended roast - Medium) Grown in the foothills of Mt Hualalai, this Kona blend delivers the experience coffee-lovers hope for in a high quality cup of Kona. With a mildly zesty start, the Kona rounds out to a finish of nuts and vanilla. Well balanced.

100% Brazil (recommended roast - Medium) (This is our Breakfast Blend!) A well-balanced coffee designed to ease you into the day.  Brazil will ignite your senses and get you ready for action.  It has strong yet subtle acidity to awaken your taste buds, medium body to help you be proactive, and notes of lemon, honey and apricot.  This is your first cup of coffee in the morning and can easily be drank all day and into the evening. 

Espresso Blend (recommended roast – Espresso) A carefully crafted blend of 4 varietals to provide a balanced espresso. This blend is complex enough to stand alone as a powerful straight shot, and is also smooth enough to be the perfect supplement to a cappuccino or latte.

Colombia Supremo (recommended roast - Med/Dark) A smooth and well-balanced coffee that comes from the Tolima and Huila regions of Colombia.  Dulima is the ancient name of a group of indigenous people called Pijaos. The Pijaos were the bravest and strongest warriors in all of Colombia. The Dulima name is given only to the finest and best coffee there is in Colombia. This coffee is smooth, clean and consistent with a pointed acidity and good body.  It finishes with notes of milk chocolate, brown sugar and a hint of red fruit flavor in the background.  This coffee is sweet, yet strong, and exhibits all the traits of a refined and experienced warrior in
the world.

Mexican (recommended roast - Dark) A bold and strong coffee that grabs you from the get go.  It is strong but also soft.  The cup has a sweet citrus fragrance, good acidity with a tangerine flavor, a creamy body and notes of brown sugar and vanilla. One sip of this coffee and you'll be able to open up doors without saying a word.  This coffee is strong but exhibits a silent strength that can embolden you to live life to the fullest.

Rainforest Blend (recommended roast – Dark) An outstanding, well balanced blend that ignites fireworks in your mouth.  A medium acid coffee with a hint of lemon, the full body grabs hold of your taste buds and doesn't let go; which is a good thing.  It finishes with notes of caramel, vanilla and a hint of chocolate raspberry.  This coffee will transport you to a tropical place where dreams become reality.

Costa Rica (recommended roast – Dark) From the Central Valley region of Costa Rica, this coffee is grown at high altitude in an equatorial and superbly clear climate. First taste is reminiscent of a light caramel, which develop into a toasted macadamia nut flavor.

Sumatra (recommended roast – Dark Roast) An Indonesian treat, Sumatra is named after the people responsible for the growing and processing the coffee. A customer favorite, this classic cup of coffee has a full and rich body with a smooth aftertaste.

Mountain Roast: A bold blend of coffees that will get you up and going.  It has nice acidity to keep you alert, full body to keep you going and overtones of fresh roasted peanuts and hazelnuts with hints of cloves and maple syrup.  This is a strong yet smooth coffee for people with a purpose and a mission.

Decaf Mexico (recommended roast - Dark) From the Sierra Madre Mountains, these beans are grown under a thriving tree canopy, providing an optimal growing habitat for Arabica beans. The Swiss Water de-caffeination process is all-natural and maintains the flavor nuance of these beans.

Swiss Water Process sm.jpg