About u.c.r.

Roasting coffee in Utah might have been taboo 20 years ago but we're rebellious that way. So in 1995 we purchased our first Civetz Fluid Bed Air Roaster. Sometimes it's the end user that drives the need and our customers were clamoring for great coffee in Utah. At that time you could count the number of roasters on one hand. Relationships, innovation, and passion for great taste drove Larry Brog to develop artisan production roasting along and a no preservative concentrate that is still being sold today. In 2015 we purchased our first Loring smokeless roaster. Salt Lake City lies in a valley between the Wasatch and Oquirrh Mountain Ranges. Unfortunately pollution has the ability to gather and we as a responsible steward wanted to do our part to help keep the Salt Lake Valley a great place to live. Today UCR is proud to own 2 Loring roasters and we continue to roast in regular shifts, creating great coffee for our customers. We can be reached at 801-486-3334